Masters Degrees

Transition or advancement in your career can start with a UK Masters Degree Programme

Our UK Masters programmes equips you with leadership, change management and operational skills, shaping you to become a global leader. These programmes are designed and delivered by leading universities in the UK. Let us know the course you wish to study and we will recommend which University works best for your qualifications, timeline and budget.

MSc in Accounting and Finance (Final Stage)

For practising finance executives, continuous professional development is key to enrich skills and updated knowledge. Our MSc in Accounting and Finance top-up programme is an ideal route for professional development. It is an ideal career progress for executives in the sector.

MA in Human Resource Management (Final Stage)

Our MA in Human Resource Management top-up programme is an ideal route to help people in practice receive continuing training. This is a necessary step towards transforming your career to the next level.

MBA Programme (Final Stage)

Our MBA programme helps nurture leadership skills, shaping and transforming your ability to become a business leader. A flexible option to study MBA lets you balance your work and study in parallel. Our well-calibrated programme structure prepares you for global opportunities.


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