We have collaborated with dynamic and modern academic providers in the UK to train the workforce of diverse sectors. Working closely with organisations we learn about their requirements and design need-based corporate training programmes as well as academic programmes. We also conduct industry specific executive training which are are instrumental for continuous professional development.

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Executive Education

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism is a growing business sector, climbing to its  peak now more than ever before. With the improving economic statures and  widespread social media popularity of the Tourism Industry, it has  become a niche ecosystem. It harbours the universal demand of services  catering to the needs of the tourists. This programme will help to  enhance the understanding of the evolving industry and how to better  manage an operational setup at the private or public sector level. It  will enable you to incorporate the emerging technological tools and  methodologies to improve management and leadership skills in the  sector.​

Event & Programme Management

Managing an impactful event is important in multiple layers. In the  modern era, events at various scale have been proven to be instrumental  in social awareness, fundraising and entertainment. Our Executive  programme in Event Management helps understand methods and techniques to  organise a successful event with maximum impact.

Education and Training for Teachers

Our teachers' training programme is an essential support and skill  identifying programme. Focusing on teaching methodologies in junior high  and high school environments. As time changes setting up new priorities  in practice, young minds need to be nurtured even more carefully  addressing their priorities, challenges, vulnerability as well as  strengths. Executive programme in education and training highlights the  practical viability of teaching methods.

Leadership Development & Management in HE

When it comes to teaching and learning, it is not only the teachers who  would require teachers training, it is also the institutional heads who  would need a clear vision based on the going trend to be able to handle  academic and institutional growth in parallel. Our executive programme  in leadership development and management in higher education focuses on  developing the required set of skills to help an institution balance  between quality of education and the business side of it.​​

Strategic Leadership and Management

mChrome offers the best solution for knowledge enhancement. It is quite  imperative that the global scenario of business is an ever-changing  process. A key to the sustainable business strategy is to be always one  step ahead of all challenges. To be able to understand the right methods  and techniques one must train themselves through leading market  experts, picking the right set of qualification and training.

Project Management

Our Executive programme in Project Management will help you polish your  inner core strength and focus on your ability to overcome the skill gap  that can motivate you towards a positive change in your personal and  professional development. This programme highlights the essential  perspectives to rethink and develop projects from various angle. This  will lead you to a collective improvement of the project, team and the  organisation.

Industry Specific Executive Training

Apart from the pre structured Executive courses, we also offer bespoke Executive training programmes that are specific to each industry. Our executive training programmes are instrumental for continuous professional development.

  • Business and Management - our Executive Training courses covers areas such as Project Management, Strategic Leadership and Management, Advanced Strategic Management and Digital Marketing

  • Accounting & Finance - Our training programmes in the banking and finance sector includes Account Management, Professional English for Finance Executives and Advanced Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance

  • Cyber Security - Learn and keep updated with the growing trends of cyber threats and their security solutions through our Level 2 Diploma for Beginners in Cyber Security or Level 3 Diploma in Cyber Security Management

  • Government - Our programmes related to management training and leadership development can help shape up the organisational structure for an effective outcome. They cover areas such as Human Resource Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Innovative Negotiation Skills, Governance and public policy and Business Analytics. 


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