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We are your bridge to quality UK higher education. We ensure that you secure a place in the right course based on your inspirations, budget, lifestyle, prior learning credits and experience. We assist you with the application process and guarantee an offer for the course of your choice. Our services are fast, efficient and reliable. We have helped many students who have been declined due to incomplete applications, insufficient entry qualifications and visa issues. We work with many awarding bodies and higher education institutes to provide our applicants with alternative routes to achieve the same end goal, but faster and in more cost effective ways.


We guarantee admission


We have been in the industry long enough to know the recruitment process of each and every university we work with, inside out. Which means, we can guarantee that you will get selected if you follow our advice.

We do the complicated work for you


Applying for a university degree can be overwhelming and complicated. We make it straightforward by helping you fill out the application forms, prepare the necessary documentation and to address the formalities confidentially.

We save you money


We help you to get the best offer based on your qualifications and experience. We specialize in finding exemptions and fast track options which will save both time and money for you.

One stop shop

You do not need to visit several universities to get information. We can help you look at courses from different universities side by side, saving you time and energy.





A young visionary, Wasim, incubated many ideas in the development of global branding strategies. He has over 7 years of experience in strategy implementation and crisis management. Wasim is very passionate understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions incorporating innovative technologies. He completed his graduation from one of the leading UK University in Electronics and Communication Engineering with honours. He served as elected student executive at University Student Council. He also contributed as attached Vice President of the Faculty of life science and computing.



Head of Operations

A budding entrepreneur with an eye for perfection, Moumita holds the responsibility of operations and business development along with recruitment and staff trainings. From a very early age, she was recognised to possess innovative approach, inclination towards research and leadership skills. She was appointed as the secretary of Society of Biotechnology during undergraduation where 
she demonstrated her organisational skills by
presentation events. Highly ambitious and possessing excellent PR skills, she aims to establish herself as a leading name in the consultancy industry. Although her vision is to provide consultancy services across different sectors, the initial focus is on SMEs and emerging offshore banks trying to establish their business in the UK.



External Relationships Manager

Senior Software Architect and Lecturer in I.T, Helen’s activities focus on Europe and the African market. Over 10 years of experience working within both academic and corporate sectors in Holland, she has been organising workshops in Africa and Europe for corporate training programmes as well as flexible academic programmes. Helen consults representing mChrome as External Relationship Manager in Africa and Europe corporate sectors.


We work with many leading UK universities to offer placements for Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Diplomas and Executive courses. The degrees and diplomas are taught are awarded by the respective university or the awarding body. Our role is to help you understand the entry requirements, find you credit exemptions for your previous qualifications and work experience and to help you with the application process to guarantee admission.


Your Bridge to Quality Higher Education

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